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Gnosis: The Science of Self-Realization

Are you interested in subjects like lucid dreaming, astral travel, alchemy, yoga, energy healing, scientific meditation, Kabalah, chakras, Self-realization, Kundalini, the awakening of consciousness, world spiritual traditions and mythologies, etc.?

Gnosis is for you!

This is not a belief system, it is exactly the opposite: a science.  “Gnosis” is a Greek word that means “knowing” or “knowledge”, the kind of knowledge that we get from direct experience, from seeing something face-to-face, from finding out for ourselves.

A central theme or aspect of the Gnostic studies is always how we can experience for ourselves the reality of the things we study.

The Portland Gnostic Association offers lectures on various topics of esoteric arts and sciences from all over the world. For more information visit the Portland Gnosis Meetup.

All Portland Gnostic Association activities are free of charge, though donations to help cover costs are gratefully accepted .

The Portland Gnostic Association
7118 SE 156th Ave
Portland, OR 97236
(912) 508-8667

Portland Gnosis Meetup